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What is a webinar, web-event, webcast, web conference?
Essentially it is a ‘seminar on the web.’ Just like a ‘real’ event – it requires a time, ticket, speaker, audience, presentation, and venue – it is just that it is online at your place.
How does it work?
You register for an event. You will then receive login instructions to your email. Click on the link and then listen in. Our events usually require participation, so be ready to answer questions, ask questions and share your knowledge with other’s online.If you’re a presenter – don’t worry, we step you through the whole way and you’ll deliver a confident fun and engaging presentation. Lots of fun and a real buzz.
I’ve done webinars before. They don’t work.
For a start, that’s not a question. I think when people first started putting information on the internet they thought of it as another piece of paper when it is our belief that the internet can be a venue, a place to meet. It requires a little bit of different thinking – which is what we do with you.
Can I use a tablet or smartphone instead of computer?
Yes, you can if you are a participant. You will need to download the Adobe Connect app though (free) from iTunes (iOS) or Google Play (android). If you are a speaker, you will only be able to present from a computer.
How long does a web-event run for?
Our events are usually 45-90 minutes long – with a 60-70 minute session being the sweet spot.
I missed it. Can I have a recording?
Recordings are often available after the web-event. If you attended one, check with the event organiser.
What’s your privacy policy?
We collect details for the logistics of the webinar you signed up for. We don’t contact you again unless you give us permission. 
Will I need a webcam or headset?
If you are a speaker, you will likely only need a headset with your phone line. If you are a participant, you usually don’t need a webcam or headset – but check your login instructions just in case. Because our webinars attract so many people, we generally have microphones switched off – except for the presenters. But don’t worry – you will not go unnoticed and you will be able to communicate.

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We create live web-events for the Australasian health and medical industry.

Unlike boring online education modules – our events are live, you participate with real people, in real time and you feel just like you are there.

Renata Schindler
Email: renata@web-events.com.au
Phone: +61 4 04 046 031